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Total expenses for Projects Other Religions = $162,105

Making an impact in the lives of persecuted believers in restricted nations is first and foremost in our minds, to provide with your partnership, the tools to equip them for ministry.

Owing to the sensitivity of our ministry we have provided some examples of completed projects which can be published. We pray you will be encouraged as you read of the projects that, with your help, have been successful and benefited those we serve.

Project: To provide support for underground North
Korean missions
Country: North Korea – Juche
Project Description: Support eight front line workers, home churches, a North Korean orphanage, the distribution of ministry packs including MP3 players, medicine and discipleship training material.

Project: To provide support for Myanmar Bible college students
Country: Myanmar – Buddhist
Project Description: To sponsor 34 Bible college students for 12 months. These students are studying an accredited Bachelor of Theology degree. They will be the future pastors, leaders and evangelists in Myanmar.

Project: Funding for balloon launches into North Korea
Country: North Korea – Juche
Project Description: To be part of a campaign within VOM International offices to sponsor the launching of 37,500 balloons carrying in a North Korean dialect, portions of the Bible containing 50 stories from the Old and New Testament. To also launch a further 13,600 orange balloons inscribed with Scripture, by sea.