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This year VOM Australia is planning on working in over 28 countries with a variety of projects which will impact the persecuted church because of your generosity in partnering with us in this vital ministry.

To give you a small glimpse into some of the projects we will be operating throughout 2018, here is a list of countries and projects we need your help with. In late 2017 we received numerous project requests suitable for our mission to fund.

Over many years you have assisted us by funding numerous projects and we are exceedingly grateful. We value your support and as we envisage extending the ministry throughout 2018, we hope to make an impact in the lives of many persecuted believers.

Thank you.

2018 Proposed Projects:

  • China: Bible printing, Gospel tracts, supporting Bible colleges, Bibles plus blanket packages
  • India: Church construction, motorbikes, deep water wells, Bibles Plus campaign
  • Indonesia: Safe houses, motorbikes, front-line support, medical support and training
  • Laos: Front-line workers, tribal children ministry, support for families of martyrs
  • Nigeria: Discipleship training for Muslim background believers, children’s crisis care
  • North Korea: Bible balloon launches, underground universities, radio broadcasting, Bible schools
  • Philippines: Bible college support, motorbikes, safe houses, Bible distribution, seminars, Christian
    literature distribution
  • Vietnam: Hymn books, motorbikes, women’s training, pastors and leaders training, funding medical
    treatment, prison visitation, prisoners medical care, discipleship seminars