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This year in northern parts of Nigeria, outbreaks of violence have once again escalated.

The continual feuding between tribal groups, especially the Fulani herdsmen, are common however, their disputes are often directed toward Christians. It can be a simple and often innocent mistake relating to land rights that fuels these acts of violence, leaving many dead, and thousands forced to flee from their retaliation. VOM sources on the ground tell us of horrific attacks throughout the early part of 2018.

The Bibles and Rice project is one way we can help our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

The following testimonies are from recent Bibles and Rice project recipients:
Deborah said these words: “I’m a Muslim convert and my husband sought to kill me after my conversion to Christianity. I had to run away with my two children and I am currently given accommodation by a VOM partner. This rice is the only food I have had since I came here.”

“Having a Bible will allow me to read and know more about God. I am thankful for the gift of rice for me and my children” said sister Faith.” Faith lost her husband to a sickness and is now a widow dependent upon the Lord.

Pam also lost her husband to sickness and said, “The Bible is what gives me spiritual growth and it will help me know the good from the bad. The rice will give my family strength.”

Rhoda lost her husband to one of the Fulani attacks in her village. She is now a widow raising her children alone. She said, “The Bible is for me to hear and do the Word of God and the rice is for our family to eat and live life.”

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