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Voice of the Martyrs, together with our partners in Egypt, is funding mobile medical clinics for Christians suffering from persecution and poverty in Egypt. This specialised medical project provides much-needed assistance for five villages, where Christians, including Muslim background believers (MBBs), face discrimination and oppression in Muslim-dominated areas.

The medical team includes specialists in abdominal, paediatrics, dermatology, gynaecology, ENT and ophthalmology.

Providing medical care for these believers not only assists those suffering from illness or injury but is also an opportunity to provide spiritual encouragement.

Mohammed and his wife Zainab are MBBs. They were both suffering from digestive complaints and came to the medical clinic in search of relief. One of our contacts warmly received them at the clinic, where they were diagnosed and given medicine to help in their recovery.

Mohammed was amazed by the love and care he and Zainab received at the clinic. Whilst there, he felt encouraged to share with our partner some of the struggles they have faced as new Christians.

After putting their trust in Christ, they longed to learn more about their new faith and enjoy the fellowship of other believers. They had not found a church which was open to them. In Egypt, some established churches are fearful and suspicious of former Muslims, not believing their conversions are genuine and scared that they want to infiltrate the church in order to harm the members. Mohammed and Zainab found the lack of welcome discouraging; they felt isolated and alone.

Upon hearing this, our contact invited Mohammed and Zainab to come to his church, where they found the warm and welcoming fellowship they craved. They now attend church regularly and have gone on to join one of the discipleship groups associated with the church.

Mohammed and Zainab recently told our contact that since coming to the clinic, their lives have changed completely. Mohammad has asked whether he may volunteer at the medical clinic when it next comes to their village in order to extend the love he and Zainab have received.

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