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Voice of the Martyrs Australia CEO Tony Benjamin, together with Karen Bos from Christian Faith and Freedom, presented a petition to Malaysian Consulate First Secretary, Sharifah Nurul Fariheen, in Canberra last month.

A total of 64,835 people in many countries added their name to the petition, expressing their shared concern with the Malaysian Human Rights Commission over the prolonged disappearance of Malaysian citizen, Pastor Raymond Koh.

Security cameras recorded his white car being intercepted on 13 February 2017, in Petaling Jaya. Neither Pastor Koh nor his car have ever been found and his anxious family has had no news of him since that day.

The petition, arranged by Voice of the Martyrs, demanded any and all information relating to Pastor Koh’s disappearance be released.

Thousands of Christians from many nations, who value justice are calling upon Malaysian authorities to reveal the truth behind his abduction. They cannot be ignored. Subsequently, Miss Fariheen acknowledged the petition and concluded that an enquiry by the Malaysian government would take place.

“We were warmly received by Consulate officials and the First Secretary said they would pass on the petition. They acknowledged that the Pastor Koh’s family are still grieving and in need of closure” said Tony Benjamin.

Voice of the Martyrs would like to thank everyone who added their name to this petition, 64,835 people united, is one loud voice for the persecuted.

Voice of the Martyrs will follow the enquiry by the Malaysian government closely, keeping all those who signed the petition informed of the outcomes.