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Imagine growing up being told that you live in the wealthiest country in the world, when in actual fact you are living in the most oppressive one.

This is what it means to live in North Korea.

Everything is controlled. Everything you do is watched. You must follow the regime, or you risk execution or imprisonment.

Pastor Eric Foley, Director of VOM South Korea, says “it is illegal to do any kind of Christian activity, proses a Bible or bow your head to pray.”

Given the difficulty and the risk, how can we tell North Koreans about Jesus?

Voice of the Martyrs South Korea have come up with three great ways to release the Gospel into North Korea. Over the next three weeks I’ll share these exciting initiatives with you.


Every year our sister office launch over 32,000 New Testaments into North Korea through hydrogen-filled balloons. The balloons are launched from secure locations in South Korea with specialised software that predicts where the Bibles will land. As the balloons rise higher in the air, the balloons expand to the point of bursting. The Bibles then fall to the ground. Eric and his team hope the Bibles land just outside one of the cities in North Korea. GPS trackers are fixed to some of the balloons when they launch to track where they land.




A few times the GPS trackers have been picked up by a North Korean. This confirms that the Bibles have landed in a location where people are walking pass.

A number of North Korean defectors to South Korea have told VOM workers in South Korea that they have seen the Bibles or even picked one up themselves.

Last year North Korea released a media statement condemning Voice of the Martyrs balloon launches


Through your support in 2016, Thirteen Three aims to launch over 3,600 New Testaments into North Korea.

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