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ReleaseBlogBannerToday we end our series “Releasing the Gospel into North Korea” by looking at our third approach, short wave radio broadcasting.

It is hard to imagine but North Korean people are living in a fake reality: they are told things that are simply untrue. For example, they are told that they live in the richest country in the world and everywhere else is doing a lot worse than they are.

This simply is not true. According to the CIA Factbook,  North Korea’s economy is ranked 112th in the world.

However, what are even worse are the lies North Koreans are taught to believe about Christianity:

  1. Christianity is like a drug
  2. Missionaries are gathering people so they can drink their blood

If this was all you were told about Christians and Christianity, when you have no access to the internet or alternate views, then you would believe it. These lies are preventing the people of North Korea from coming to know the true God.

Thankfully, the true God cannot be stopped and uses different ways to let people hear His Gospel. We have looked at the balloon  and sea launches; now let me tell you about a third way God is using Voice of the Martyrs to tell North Koreans about Jesus.

Radio Broadcasting

BlogPost3-1Many North Koreans have access to radios, but the law states that they need to be tuned to the government station. You can be arrested for changing to a different station. Yet, despite the risks, it is estimated that two million North Koreans tune into our radio station.

Our radio broadcasts are produced by North Korean defector Bible college students in South Korea. The students share Scriptures in a North Korean drama style, discipleship training segments and songs. The students also share about their own experiences.


Unlike the sea and balloon launches, we are able to receive a good indication on the immediate impact of this radio ministry.

The North Korean government regularly tries unsuccessfully to block our radio broadcasts. This is highly interesting because it demonstrates that the government feels threatened by these broadcasts. The good news is that we can easily change to a different frequency and the listeners know to scan the radio to find the new station.

In addition, North Korean defectors have shared with us how they heard these broadcasts when they were living in North Korea.

Meet Chin-Sun

BlogPost3-2Chin-Sun (not her real name) explains her experience of listening to the radio in North Korea:

“One night, we closed the door and listened to the radio under the blanket. At the moment that I listened to the radio from South Korea, it was not only amazing but also tears pricked my eyes because of our nation’s state of division.

“From that point on, I kept listening to radio broadcasts from South Korea with my father. We realised that Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un and their followers are untruthful. I sometimes got furious with them.

Later, after I arrived in South Korea, when I talked with my home folks, there were some people who also listened to South Korean radio broadcasts in North Korea. They said that they covered themselves with blankets and agreed that the best time for listening to the radio was from 10pm to 2:30am.”

Source: VOM Korea

This video shows some of the people who transmit the radio broadcasts. These believers have also worked to produce a video on the life of Jesus in North Korean, which are saved onto USBs and sent into North Korea via our balloon launches along with Bibles and other materials.


We hope you have enjoyed reading about the different ways God is using Voice of the Martyrs to release the Gospel into North Korea. With such a closed country, there is no way of knowing how successful these efforts will be, but even if one person comes to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, the ministry is a success. You can support these projects by praying and through donations to our Release project. Our aim this year is to deliver over 3,000 Bibles into North Korea and to fund an entire week’s worth of radio broadcasts.