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Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It is a lovely opportunity for us to remember the great things our mothers do for us and to thank God for them. As we remember our mothers on 8 May, let me encourage you to remember and pray for persecuted Christian mothers who, despite terrible circumstances, continue to strive to provide a loving and caring household for their children.

Mita is one such mother who was tragically widowed.


Mita and her husband Simeon own a chocolate farm. Every day Simeon would go and work on their farm. He was known for being a hard worker and a servant-hearted leader. On 14 September 2015, he was shockingly murdered.

Because of this devastating event, Mita was unsure how she would be able to afford her children’s education, something Simeon had prided himself on being able to provide. The children, aged 13 and 18, are understandably in shock and struggle to comprehend what has happened to their dad.

Despite the uncertainty of what each day will look like and with the sadness of losing her best friend, Mita’s faith has not wavered. She said, “Each day I continue to trust the Lord for my life and my children’s. Despite this terrible event we have experienced, God is still with us.”

Remember this family

This Mother’s Day remember Mita and her family, as well as others like her who have suffered much for their faith. Many mothers are left widowed, disabled, alone and without work because they are Christian.

May God truly be the comforter for these families.


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