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It is unimaginable for us to think we could be arrested, tortured and abused for carrying a bible.

Sadly for millions of Christians living in countries that are hostile to Christianity, this is their daily reality. And yet, it is in these very countries where we find persecuted believers crying the same cry, “Please send us Bibles.”

It may be difficult to imagine that in this day and age, the Bible continues to remain unknown to millions of people. There are many countries, (and this list is growing in number), where it is extremely difficult, dangerous or outright illegal to obtain or own a Bible. Therefore, it seems even more extraordinary but comforting that in these restricted countries, persecuted believers consider their Bible as their most treasured possession. They want one, despite the risk to their lives.

Our founder, Richard Wurmbrand, once shared what some persecuted believers said to him “Give us the tools we need! We will pay the price for using them!” Like life-giving spring water, persecuted Christians are strengthened and nourished through the Word of God. I can recall the story of a pastor who buried his Bible in a clay pot in the jungle as it was illegal to have one hence too dangerous for him to keep it at home. Such is the value believers place on a Bible!

We are extremely proud and humbled by the achievements of the Bibles Plus program over the past six years, putting Bibles into the hands of many persecuted believers. Bible distribution has always been a critical component to Voice of the Martyrs Australia’s ministry and I praise God for its successes.

The 2018 Bibles Plus annual appeal is upon us and we have an ambitious plan ahead of us. As the need and call for more Bibles is becoming louder, we are answering the call by expanding to new countries in 2018. This work is critical, the number of persecuted believers’ lives this program has changed and impacted clearly demonstrates the value placed on owning a Bible.

Your continued fervent prayers and support have always been the vital part of the Bibles Plus program. We thank you and appreciate your kindness, generosity and faithfulness in supporting Voice of the Martyrs Australia’s ministry to the persecuted Christians.

God bless
Tony Benjamin

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