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Christians in Senegal face increasing threats from Islamic militant groups.

In the past year, Islamist activities have led to the arrests of three imams and two female Boko Haram members, who were discovered transporting explosives under their veils. As a security measure, the Senegalese government now prohibits Muslim women from wearing veils in public.

Muslim leaders have since incited violence against believers, claiming Christians are to blame for the new restrictions. In some villages, Muslims have destroyed Christians’ homes and fields, stolen their property and beaten them.

Christians remain strong in their faith despite the threat from militants, and many people have come to Christ in recent months.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for giving these believers the strength to endure even while their faith is being tested.
  • Praise God for His work in drawing people to Himself during this time of opposition and unrest.
  • Pray for the Christians who have been attacked or who have lost homes, fields and property; may they not be disheartened but rejoice that they have been counted worthy to suffer for His name’s sake. Pray for healing, provision and protection.