Restricted Nations Set 2 – Egypt, Nigeria and Sudan

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EGYPT: In a nation once considered entirely Christian, populated by Coptic-speaking believers, Christians in Egypt today face persecution and discrimination rivalling that of the early church under the Roman Empire. Despite the dangers, many Christians remain in Egypt as living testimonies to Christ’s power in the midst of troubling circumstances.

This book provides a brief overview of Christianity in Egypt, weaving historical accounts with present-day testimonies of Christians, to inspire you to stand with your brothers and sisters and pray that they remain steadfast witnesses for Christ.

NIGERIA: We often hear about kidnappings and attacks on schools and villages in Nigeria, but we rarely hear of the courageous Christians there who hold fast to their faith. While our brothers and sisters face severe persecution from Muslim extremists, many remain spiritually strong and determined to serve Christ. Here is an overview of the rise of Christianity and Islam in Nigeria, background information on the persecution and suffering of Nigerian Christians, and stories of Christians who continue to serve faithfully under extremely difficult conditions.

SUDAN: Before South Sudan gained independence, civil war raged in Sudan for decades. This book provides an overview of persecution in Sudan throughout history, including testimonies from Christians who have suffered for their faith.


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