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SPECIAL OFFER: With every purchase of Wurmbrand: Tortured for Christ the Complete Story, receive free Richard
Wurmbrand: The Man and his Work

Wurmbrand: Tortured for Christ the Complete Story – The Voice of the Martyrs
On 29 February 1948, Richard Wurmbrand was arrested by the secret police. His crimes? Leading Christian worship and witnessing — both of which were illegal under the atheistic communist regime of Romania.

Because of Richard’s faithfulness to Christ, he endured 14 years of prison and torture. His wife, Sabina, suffered three years of forced labour. They emerged not with melancholy or a bitter spirit but with a story of victorious faith.

This biography explores the inspiring lives of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand telling the complete story in a single volume for the first time.

Richard Wurmbrand the Man and His Work – Merv Knight
Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian Jew saved by grace, dedicated his life to serve God and was used mightily by God. Imprisoned for 14 years in communist Romania for his faith in Christ, he was called to tell the world of the persecution of Christians.

Richard Wurmbrand proclaimed to the free world the truth of the atrocities carried out by godless men against the children of God. Told here is the story of the man and his work.



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