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In Prison with Psalm 107
This Classic Wurmbrand message from the co-founder of Voice of the Martyrs, Sabina Wurmbrand, will deeply touch every mother’s heart with a very moving testimony of God’s grace and mercy as experienced during Sabina’s years of deprivation in a communist labour camp.

Someone whispered, “Today is Sunday.” With thoughts of church, being with their families, singing and listening to the pastor’s sermon, the women began to weep. Sabina Wurmbrand touches every woman’s heart with testimonies of women in Romanian labour camps, imprisoned for their faith, and remembering a Sunday long ago.

Tortured for Christ
This is one of the first public appearances of Richard Wurmbrand when he arrived in the West.

This film is an appeal on behalf of persecuted Christians. Pastor Wurmbrand tells of his experience during the 14 years of his imprisonment and shows some of the scars his torturers inflicted on his body.

No Other God
“You shall have no other Gods before me”. This Classic Wurmbrand message is one of a series of message’s that Pastor Wurmbrand preached. In this video he discusses the five essences of the Bible and how all things become beautiful when seen through Jesus.

Truly part of a timeless collection.


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