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Restricted Nations Series

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This excellent series, featuring four restricted nations from around the world, is rich in history, personal testimonies and the story of the persecuted church’s unfailing devotion to Christ. Learn more about the country and the faith of many believers living  in places where Christianity is aggressively opposed.

Available titles: Iran, Colombia, Sudan, Pakistan.

Today, many Muslims in Iran – part of the “axis of evil” are finding hope in the person of Jesus Christ and they are meeting Him because many people are risking physical death to give Muslims the opportunity to experience eternal life.

This is their story of courage and triumph in the face of physical torture and even death.

This addition to our Restricted Nations series was written by VOM Australia’s former Youth Director, Brad Konemann.

It provides a brief yet comprehensive overview of Christianity in Colombia with inspiring testimonies from missionaries and evangelists who have risked their lives to take the Gospel into the depths of the jungle. Learn about the growth of Christianity and how God is at work in Colombia today!

Before South Sudan gained independence, civil war raged in Sudan for decades. This book provides an overview of persecution in Sudan throughout history, including testimonies from Christians who have suffered for their faith.

When Pakistan gained independence in 1947, it showed hope of offering religious freedom to minority groups. That hope had faded by 1956 when Pakistan ratified its first constitution and declared itself an Islamic Republic. Today, Christians in Pakistan face persecution and government oppression, yet they hold fast to their hope in Jesus! This concise book blends history, current events and testimonies to give you an overview of the church in Pakistan.



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