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Pastor Momodu grew up in Kanatortor, which was once known as a headquarters for witchcraft.

Among other gods, villagers worshipped the python, the gods in the trees and a human god who lived in a hut surrounded by demons. Every year, the gods required six human sacrifices.

When Momodu was a teenager, he was selected to be a human sacrifice. Although his father was one of the witchcraft leaders, he did not want to lose his son, so they fled to another village. It was there that Momodu heard the Gospel and became a Christian.

When they returned home about a year later, Momodu began telling others about Jesus. Villagers were interested because they were afraid of the gods they had been serving and no longer wanted to sacrifice their children. They soon decided to give up witchcraft and follow Jesus, and they appointed Momodu as their preacher. Every Sunday, he shares what he has learned from listening to an audio Bible.