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At age six, Saidu was sent to a koranic school where he spent 10 years studying the Koran.

However, at age 13, when he saw the Jesus film, he began to study all he could about Jesus, wondering why He was able to perform more miracles than any other prophet and how He could raise the dead.

Last year, Saidu was in a neighbouring village when frontline worker, Francis, arrived on a medical mission. As the medical team treated villagers, they played an audio Bible over a speaker.

Saidu was so excited to hear more about Jesus that he asked Francis if he could “have those words”

Francis gave him a memory card with a recording of the Bible in his native language, and Saidu now listens to that Bible at his house every day. He has a much better understanding of who Jesus is.

Before receiving the memory card, he had never read or heard the Bible. This is the message that I have been wanting since I was 13 years old.