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In Somalia, it is strictly illegal to convert or evangelise. Christians are actively pursued, and when discovered they are immediately killed.

There are no church buildings in Somalia, and Christians must exercise extreme care when meeting in groups.

Somali Christians are mourning the loss of an influential Christian woman. A man who served alongside her wrote, “Those of us left behind may grieve because we miss our brothers and sisters, but the believers who die are happy to be with Christ.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

In [Somalia], followers of Christ look forward to heaven where there is no more pain. Here on earth, life can be lonely. The families and community of Christians [cannot] share their beliefs. The few disciples they manage to share the Gospel with seldom meet regularly. There are no church buildings and no fellowship gatherings. On rare occasions, they may meet for worship in private houses. These believers also do not have the comfort of getting proper care in hospitals when they get sick. The challenges go on and on. [Our sister who died] dedicated her life to serving her people because of her faith in Christ. She left comfort to travel to a country suffering from war, famine, the collapse of civil foundations, and terrorism. She spent years apart from her family, apart from her brothers and sisters in Christ, and apart from a comfortable lifestyle.” This fellow believer has pledged to continue this woman’s legacy.

Let us pray.

  • Pray for those mourning the passing of this Christian sister.
  • Pray for believers in Somalia to remain strong amid trials. Pray for opportunities to meet.
  • Ask the Lord to build His church in this highly restrictive nation.