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Realising that a growing number of Somalis are leaving Islam and embracing Christianity, Somali Islamic leaders are issuing warnings and urging their followers to defend Islam.

A prominent Somali sheikh in Nairobi, Kenya, used his Friday address to warn that Somalia is not 100% Muslim anymore and that many young Somalis are leaving Islam. He urged his listeners to do something about those who leave Islam or share Christianity on social media.

Another sheikh, exhorting his listeners to be on guard, cited a statistic that 24% of young Somalis leave Islam every year.

Somali Christians and those who minister to Somalis report a corresponding rise in threats and attacks against them, including one murder.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Praise God that many are turning to Him in faith.
  • Pray for the protection of believers in a nation which is very hostile towards the Gospel.
  • Pray that new believers will have an opportunity to grow in faith and that believers will have opportunities to meet.

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