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On 21 September, police in the self-declared autonomous region of Somaliland detained a Christian couple. They were described as “apostates and evangelists spreading Christianity.”

The couple, who are the parents of three children, appeared in court several times after their detainment. In the wake of pressure from European governmental representatives, the regional court ordered on 1 November that they be released and deported from the area. The couple is now living in a different region of Somalia.

Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991, although it remains internationally recognised as part of Somalia. The constitution of the region specifies ‘freedom of belief’ but this area is being governed by strict Islamic law, barring the propagation of any religion other than Islam and prohibiting Muslims from converting to another religion.

Sources: Middle East Concern, Barnabas Fund

  • Praise God that this couple have been released without charge and reunited with their children. Ask Him to supply the provisions they need after being forced to resettle in another area.
  • Pray that this family will be truly safe and free to practise their faith without opposition.
  • May their most recent trial serve to strengthen and deepen their commitment to God, giving them the boldness to share His love with their new neighbours.

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