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The same cry, loud and clear, remains consistent: “We need more Bibles!”

In recent years, India has experienced ever-increasing attacks on it’s Christian minority particularly from Hindu extremists.

To make the situation worse, these acts of violence seem to be actively encouraged by India’s local and national governments. Representing only a little over 2% of India’s population, the odds against Christians seem daunting and overwhelming.

And yet, the desire for the Word of God pushes forward. Despite the dangers, God’s people hunger to have a Bible. They seek the peace and reassurance of His Word, a constant reminder that He will never forsake them! Some believers have never owned a Bible and can’t afford to purchase one.

In one remote village, a church of 12 families were sharing the pastor’s Bible, passing it along to a new family every two days.

As part of Voice of the Martyrs critical mission, we actively seek to fulfil this demand for Bibles. In Southern India, there is a strong network of active and passionate evangelists who have a strong network of pastors available to distribute Bibles to people living in districts where Bibles aren’t available.

There is also a great need to replace Bibles for those pastors and Christians whose own Bibles have been taken or destroyed by radical Hindu activists. Such was their joy when they received their new Bible as some had been fasting and praying for a Bible for two or three years.

The dangers and risks for these pastors is very real. They are truly walking the path of faith. Despite this, they rejoice in successfully fulfilling God’s work in bringing His Word into the hearts of persecuted Christians. They also pray for God to use His Word to bring light into the hearts of those who persecute Christians.

“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” Romans 15:4