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On the afternoon of 20 November, the pastor of the Gospel Tabernacle Church in Polgolla, Sri Lanka, went to visit a Christian family with another member of his congregation for a time of prayer

As they were concluding their time together, the Christians noticed that a crowd had gathered outside, including a Buddhist monk.

Concerned about what was happening, 

the pastor and homeowner went to speak with the people. When the monk found out who the pastor was, he admonished the resident, declaring the town a “Buddhist village” in which the pastor is not welcome. In an effort to peacefully diffuse the situation, the visiting pastor suggested they discuss the matter further at a local temple, but his offer was refused.

The crowd then surrounded a home across the street, which belonged to another member of the pastor’s church. They began shouting at the resident, demanding to know why she goes to church and the reason her children no longer attend Daham pasal (Buddhist religious instruction).

Since the woman was alone, the pastor and other Christians attempted to intervene on her behalf. Yet the mob began to beat them, inflicting cuts on the body of one of the defending believers. The pastor and three other wounded congregants have since received medical treatment at a local hospital for their injuries.

Source: NCEASL

Let us pray.

  • Praise God that no one was seriously injured in this recent attack.
  • Ask the Lord to encourage the resident and other local believers in their faith, so they will not give in to fear. Pray for their protection.
  • Intercede for the ongoing ministry of this pastor and his church, asking the Lord to fill them with wisdom, courage and strength as they endeavour to share the Gospel in a hostile environment.