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In 2006 Pastor Shan Babu started the Gospel Tabernacle Church in Sri Lanka. In the first two years the congregation was small, and the pastor took to evangelising from house to house.

By 2017, God had brought many Buddhists to Christ and the church had steadily grown to 250 members.

Throughout this time, many Buddhists openly objected to the work Pastor Shan was doing.

In October 2018 the pastor was riding home on his motorbike, after working at the church. He was stopped by a self-proclaimed inspector in uniform, was held down and was forced to inhale chloroform; he fell unconscious.

When he awoke, he found himself tied up and blindfolded, not knowing where he was.

He was tortured by electric shock to his face and over the rest of his body. He suffered cuts in many areas of his body, causing heavy bleeding. The pastor was drugged using a funnel which was forced down his throat. He also had an iron rod placed in his rectum, which contributed to the pain from the electric shocks.

Pastor Shan was held for 24 hours.

He was released in a distant jungle setting 40kms away, his body was swollen and numb and bleeding.

A young boy saw Pastor Shan, knew who he was and sought help.

Following his release the pastor vomited blood for two days. Nerve endings throughout his body had been damaged and now lack feeling.

Pastor Shan has regular medical check-ups and he remains on medication following his horrific ordeal.

Despite all he has suffered, Pastor Shan still operates his church.

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