Stephen: Burma

Stephen is a young man from Burma where many Christians are facing persecution from the government and their communities. He is full of faith, with an incredible vision to see God bring thousands of Burmese to Christ!


Stephen’s Story
Stephen grew up in Chin state, Burma, where there are many believers, but also much persecution.

Through reading the Bible, Stephen heard God’s call to serve Him and became burdened for people in the many tribal groups of Burma who do not have a Bible in their own language. He began to pray for God to raise up workers who would translate the Bible into the tribal languages.

Stephen became the answer to his prayers and started studying at Bible college. When he arrived, he could not speak Burmese or English – he only knew his tribal language. It was very difficult for him as all the classes are taught in English. But he asked God to help him learn and worked very hard.

God Answered Stephen’s Prayers.

When he graduated, Stephen was asked to become a faculty member to teach theology and English.

A Faith-Filled Vision for Burma
Currently, approximately 4% of Burma is Christian. Stephen said that he hopes to see this number rise to 50-60% in this generation.

“A great field is before us, and many people try to hinder the work of God. But the hearts of many people in Burma are not closed to God. We have a great seed to reach as many people as we can with the Gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will go out into the world bearing witness to the Lord Jesus Christ, wherever we are led. We believe that God will work through us to reach thousands and thousands of people for Christ.”

What an Incredible Vision for Burma!

Stephen told us, “Even though we are persecuted, it is for the advance of the Gospel. I desire to die a martyr’s death, because precious in the sight of God is the death of His saints.”

A Challenge to our Faith
Stephen’s passion for the lost and his willingness to give his life for Christ are a big challenge to our faith. He encourages us to enlarge our vision for God’s Kingdom in Australia, to boldly share the Gospel trusting that God desires to use us to lead others to Christ.

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