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In Iran, a lady was carrying ten Bibles with her to a Bible study, when a group of thieves stole the bag containing the precious books.

She was so disappointed the Bible study group would not have the Bibles they were looking forward to receiving. Bibles are highly restricted in Iran, and it is illegal to import them or have them printed in the country. Since they are so difficult to obtain, Bibles are treasured by Iranian believers.

Later, someone called her and said they had found her bag and to come and collect it. She was scared that it was someone who would turn her in, so she asked her pastor what he thought she should do because she really wanted the Bibles returned. The pastor said he felt peace about her going to collect them. So she decided to go.

When she met up with the people who had her bag, it turned out they were the thieves. They had opened her bag, looking for money, and although they did not find any, they became interested in the books and started reading them. This was a group of ten professional thieves who had worked together for three years.

They wanted to know more about the Bible and asked her how they could be saved. She told them about Jesus and they all prayed a prayer of salvation. They told her they would keep six of the Bibles and give her back four. Since then they have started their own Bible study. The group has also not only stopped stealing but now wants to pay back all they have stolen. The Bible study group is growing.