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Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese mother imprisoned for six months and released from death-row charges for apostasy, was released for the second time last Thursday night.

She had been re-arrested less than 24 hours after being freed by the court, after being driven to the airport in a US Embassy car with her family.

Ibrahim, along with her family, was hoping to travel to the US via South Sudan – which gained its independence from Sudan in 2011 – as there are no direct flights.

This time, she was released from police custody, and is currently in the US embassy with her family, said Ibrahim’s lawyer, Mohaned Mustafa.

Ibrahim was released on the condition that she remains in Sudan. She told BBC Arabic that her ‘future is in the hands of God’, and that she just wants to spend time with her young family.

Ibrahim, who until 23 June faced a death sentence for leaving Islam, was freed when the court threw out the charges. She, her husband and two children attempted to board a plane on 24 June in Khartoum, only to be detained as Sudanese authorities scrutinised their travel documents.

Despite the emergency travel documents issued by the South Sudanese authorities being confirmed as genuine, Sudanese officials have accused her of forging the travel documents.

A Sudanese foreign ministry official, Abdullahi Alzareg, told the BBC that Ibrahim is Sudanese and should not have been using another country’s travel document, stamped with a US visa.

Source: World Watch Monitor

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for Meriam’s release into the safety of the US embassy and pray for a favourable outcome so she and her family can leave the country.
  • Thank the Lord for her continued faithfulness.
  • Ask God to use her testimony to encourage the faith of other believers in Sudan and around the world.