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The Sudanese woman freed from death row has been accused of trying to leave the country with fake documents.
Meriam Ibrahim was detained on Tuesday, a day after a court released her, annulling the death sentence imposed on her for renouncing the Islamic faith.

Mrs Ibrahim had emergency travel documents issued by South Sudan when she was detained at Khartoum’s airport. Mrs Ibrahim had reportedly planned to travel to the US with her family.

Information Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman told AFP the woman should have used a Sudanese passport, but her lawyer said she does not have one.

She was detained along with her husband, Daniel Wani, a US citizen, and their two children. Mr Wani said the family is fearful of staying in Sudan where they are facing death threats from extremist Muslims.

The US says it is working with Sudan to ensure Mrs Ibrahim, 27, is freed.

She was sentenced in May to hang for renouncing Islam, sparking an outcry at home and around the world. She gave birth to a girl while on death row. Sudan’s appeal court overturned the conviction on Monday.

Sources: BBC World,, AFP

Prayer Points

  • Pray the couple will not lose heart but continue to trust in the Lord’s perfect timing and good purposes.
  • Pray for a favourable outcome for the family so they may be granted safe passage.
  • Pray the Lord’s protection will be upon Meriam, her husband Daniel and their two children.