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Sudanese officials are reported to be deporting increasing numbers of Christians, amid worrying reports of interrogations and threats against them.

In the past few weeks, a number of Christians are believed to have been arrested, questioned and, in some cases, deported. Some say officials have threatened to kill them unless they give information about church activities.

A university campus-based ministry told Morning Star News that three of its workers were deported to South Sudan in March. Other staff members have been required to report weekly to security officials after being detained and interrogated for a week in February. They say they were threatened with being ‘buried alive’ unless they provided information about who was supporting their work. Cars, computers and other assets have been confiscated from their offices and staff members’ homes.

Meanwhile, a South Sudanese elder was detained at a church in Khartoum recently and questioned for four hours by security officials. He was reportedly told to give the names of evangelists in Sudan, but said he had no idea who they were.

A senior church leader from a bishops’ conference in Khartoum was deported in April, along with two expatriate Christians.

Sources: Morning Star News, Release International

• Ask God to protect His people inside Sudan, amid mounting pressure and persecution.
• Pray especially for wisdom for church leaders there.
• Pray for Christians who have already been deported from Sudan. Pray that they will know God’s presence and His guidance.