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Two South Sudanese Presbyterian pastors who were imprisoned for over half a year in Sudan and faced the death penalty for espionage and other conspiracy charges have finally made it home after they were banned from leaving the country following their release earlier this month.

Yat Michael and Peter Yein Reith arrived home in Juba on Wednesday 19 August after being arrested and imprisoned and subsequently hit with various trumped-up charges of crimes against the state that could have been punishable by death.

Upon arriving in Juba, Michael and Reith went straight from Juba International Airport to participate in a thanksgiving prayer service at a church in Hai Jebel.

Reith explained that he and Michael were released because of the prayers of those who cared about them.

Although the two pastors were finally able to return home, international human rights groups continue to pressure Sudan to uphold the basic right of religious freedom.

In late June, 12 Christian girls from the Nuba Mountains were arrested while walking home from a church service in Khartoum, charged with indecent dress. While some of the girls were ruled innocent, five were found guilty and fined. One 19-year-old girl was also sentenced to endure 20 lashes.

Source: The Christian Post

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for the safe arrival home of these two pastors, allowing them to be reunited with their loved ones. Thank the Lord for their faithfulness.
  • Pray the Lord may use this high profile case to strengthen the faith of believers in Sudan and around the world. Ask God to grow His church in Sudan, despite the opposition.
  • Pray for the young women recently charged; ask the Lord to uphold them in their faith and give them the strength to endure.

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