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Christians in Sudan request our continued prayers for Michael Yat (49) and Peter Yen Reith (36), two South Sudanese pastors on trial in Khartoum who had their latest hearing on 25 June.

At the hearing the prosecution produced one person who gave testimony, but brought no new evidence against the pastors. The next hearing is scheduled for today (2 July). At that hearing the judge will allow the two pastors to speak and he can question them. Afterwards he will decide whether to drop the case against them (if he believes there is no basis to the charges), or whether to allow the case to continue.

Pastor Yat and Pastor Reith were detained in Khartoum by the NISS on 14 December and 11 January respectively. They have been charged with a range of criminal offences. These include crimes against the state which are punishable by death, a life sentence or lesser detention and confiscation of property.

On 4 June the pastors were transferred from a low-security prison in Omdurman to the high-security Kober Prison, where they are held in separate cells. Kober Prison administrators have denied the pastors access to their families and lawyer. The defence lawyer has been informed that the pastors were transferred because Western visitors took photographs of them, and because an interview they gave was broadcast by a Christian media organisation.

Source: Middle East Concern

Prayer Points

• Pray the two pastors and their families will know the Lord’s peace and protection. Ask the Lord to strengthen their faith in Him to allow them to completely trust in His purposes and timing.
• Pray for the judge presiding over the trial, that he will be concerned with justice and truth. Ask the Lord to use the testimonies of these men for the growth of His kingdom.
• Pray that church leaders in Sudan will know the Lord’s wisdom in the face of increasing pressures against them.

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