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High in the mountain regions of northern China there are believers who are desperate for the Word of God. They are farmers living in a very poor area and yet, their Christian faith is strong.

As the land is mainly unfarmable and their resources to work the land limited, the net income of these farmers per capita is a meagre $255 annually.

However, despite their poverty they told our contact “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” Matthew 6:26.

“Our spiritual food is much more important than bread. Please help us with the Word of God! If you come with bread but no Bibles, we will be disappointed.”

The Gospel reached this area in 1951 and in the beginning only two families believed in Jesus. However, after 50 years of unwavering spiritual labour, the people of one whole village were converted to Christianity and according to an 82-year-old elder, this occurred despite the presence of communism.

During that time many thought Christianity would be lost and die but instead, 60% of the population throughout this region have accepted Christ with many new converts coming from among the younger generation. Their hunger for solid spiritual food has not diminished – they value it more than bread and baptisms are regularly
taking place.

Supplying their basic needs
Our local VOM worker told us “We like to try our best to supply them with spiritual books. In fact, we have already provided them with 1,000 copies of the Bible and 50 copies of Extreme Devotion. We have found this book is so welcomed in many churches here in China.”

As believers in Australia have partnered with VOM, we have been able to help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters with projects which have been a blessing to them, especially in these remote areas of China.

We have supplied printed material such as Gospel tracts, Bibles and teaching material which has reached over 82 churches. Bible training schools have also been equipped with beds, desks, chairs, computers and data projectors.

With the severity of the cold winters, we sent 12 tons of blankets along with rice and 1,200 Bibles to believers in the mountains desperately in need of supplies. When our trucks, loaded with these supplies reached their villages, the believers could not believe their eyes.

Bibles Plus and Bibles with Blankets are two programs which have been funded by our Australian donors and we are blessed to forward this report to you with joy and gratitude from these Chinese believers.

Walking together, upholding each other
When these deliveries were made, our VOM contact went back to his room and wept. These believers in China now  know that even though they suffer for their faith, there are many who are joining them on the road to Calvary. A B Simpson once wrote … “Let me be faithful to my trust, telling the world the story; press on my heart the woe; put in my feet the go.Let me be  faithful to my trust; and usually for thy Glory.”

How we operate our ministry in restricted nations is often covert for if information is leaked, it can be subject to government scrutiny and potentially jeopardise the success of the project. One of our VOM workers told us …

“The hard-line communists in China are very afraid of the connections between the underground church here in China and the foreigners’ involvement. They call it ‘The Western hostile forces infiltration!’”

Please continue to pray for all the programs we make a reality. With the approval and willingness of our local contacts, they are the ones ready to risk their lives to ensure persecuted believers receive these lifesaving materials.

They are very thankful for your loving concern, prayers and gifts.

Bibles Plus 2018 is responding to the cries from persecuted believers, willing to risk all for a Bible. For a gift of $25, you will provide a persecuted Christian family with a Bible PLUS some basic life essentials