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Intense fighting between Islamic State militants and government forces erupted on Monday 4 May in Damascus and media outlets warned Christians living in the area to evacuate immediately.

Government forces are employing air assaults and armoured tanks to fight the militants, making it extremely dangerous for those living in the immediate area.

Last month, it was reported that IS had moved into a part of Damascus that is less than a mile from several Christian neighbourhoods.

A VOM contact whose family lives in the area requests prayer for believers there. ‘They can’t go anywhere at this point,’ he said. ‘Pray for the safety of our family and churches all over Damascus and Syria.’

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Pray the Lord will use this conflict to bring about an unprecedented revival in Syria and throughout the Middle East.
  • Pray that God would frustrate the plans of Islamic State and others with evil hearts and aggressive desires, to end their reign of violence in the region.
  • Pray that God would strengthen, protect and provide for the people of Syria amidst displacement and unrest.