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Since January 2014 the terror group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq/Syria) has ruled the northern city of Al Raqqa. Sharia is enforced and the whole community lives in terror of ISIS’s extreme violence.

Recently 20 Christian leaders were taken captive and given three options: convert to Islam, submit to Islam as dhimmis (humiliated and subjugated under Islam) or ‘face the sword’. The Christian leaders signed an agreement committing the Christian community to submission.

Just as in the Middle Ages, Christians must now pay protection money (jizya) as mandated by the Koran (Sura 9:29). They must demonstrate respect for Islam and Muslims and abstain from all public expressions of Christianity and from renovating churches and monasteries. If they breach the agreement, ISIS will resume war against them.

Sources: Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin, International Christian Concern

Prayer Points

  • Pray the Lord will grant these believers protection, wisdom and discernment as well as opportunities to lovingly proclaim the Gospel.
  • Ask Him to grow His church in Raqqa and throughout Syria in spite of man’s efforts to suppress His people.
  • Pray the Lord will work in the hearts of the oppressors, bringing many into His kingdom.