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Islamic State has released the last group of Assyrian Christians being held hostage in the Syrian Province of Hasakah. Forty-three individuals were released, signalling the end of the hostage situation in Hasakah – namely, the members of the Assyrian Church.

Those released are now reunited with their families, many of whom are under 10 years old. The Islamic State-affiliated group in Hasakah kidnapped hundreds of Assyrian Christians last year, but has been working through negotiations with the Assyrian Church of the East to secure the hostage release in return for ransom. Although there are still hostages in the south-western region of Syria, this final release of the Hasakah Province hostages is an immense blessing to the Assyrian Christians who have been tormented by their loved ones’ kidnappings.

Sources: International Christian Concern, Middle East Concern

Prayer Points
• Pray all those who have been released will know the Lord’s comfort, healing and restoration and those displaced will know the Lord’s care and provision.
• Pray those who remain captive will be strengthened and delivered by the Lord.
• Pray the violence will cease, peace will be restored and the clear rule of law will be applied equally for all in Syria.

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