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The country of Jordan has taken in nearly 1.5 million refugees as a result of the civil war in Syria. Rent and food prices have doubled or trebled, and there aren’t enough jobs for those who need them. Families survive on handouts and live crammed together in apartment buildings. But these desperate people fleeing militant Islam are often open to the message of the Gospel, and VOM partners in the region are sharing the love of Jesus with them. For one family, it made all the difference.

I left Syria two years ago,” said Um Hana, “when the Syrian army entered our house, took my husband and tried to rape me. I ran away, but they took my husband and burned down our house in front of us. I came alone to Jordan, travelling with my children. It is very dangerous for a woman to travel alone. When my husband came out of prison three months later, he joined us. He still has scars on his back from where the police hit him.”

Finding nothing else, the family moved into a one-bedroom apartment with some other family members. Five adults and 15 children share the space.

“In Syria, I was a good Muslim,” Um Hana said. “I prayed from time to time, but not five times a day. After we had been in Jordan eight months, a sheik from Saudi Arabia came to our house. He offered us some dates to eat. But when he saw our 8-year-old daughter, his eyes lit up. He offered to buy her.”

Um Hana’s husband began to weep as his wife told the story to a VOM partner. The VOM partner told them this sort of thing happens often in the area. Girls are used and then left to fend for themselves. It is extremely shameful and traumatic for them and their families.

“After this, we started thinking about Islam and asking ourselves about it,” Um Hana said. One week later, the VOM partner met them and began to visit them regularly, speaking about Jesus. After about a year of visits, Um Hana and her husband decided to accept Christ.

Jesus can do everything
“I found the way,” she said. “I had a big burden on me, but now I am free. Directly, I started to love the people around me more. When I first arrived in Jordan, I hated almost everyone, but now I am starting to love the people around me. Now I can forgive people, and I feel that my sins are forgiven.”

“When I look at others, I see they do not know what to do,” she said. “My sister, who also accepted Jesus, and I talk about how we can share Jesus with our relatives. Even my mother, who lives with me, almost every day I tell her a story from the Bible.

“Recently, I read the story where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. When I look at my old life, I was like that man, but now Lazarus is alive again. Jesus can do everything.”