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KENYA: Al Shabaab Claims the Lives of Six Christians

KENYA: Al Shabaab Claims the Lives of Six Christians

An attack in the early hours of 6 October in north-east Kenya by al Shabaab militants resulted in the murder of six Christians.

The militant group’s own radio station, Radio Andalus, reports that the grenade and gun attack on a residential compound in Mandera, on the Somali border ─ an area known to have Kenyan migrant Christian workers ─ targeted “Christianity’s power in the region,” and that it was part of a series of attacks over the past few months.

According to a World Watch Monitor contact, “the al Shabaab militants, wearing Kenyan army uniforms, entered the housing compound on the pretext of being Kenyan security officers on patrol. Once allowed in, they first hit a mobile money transfer shop with an explosive device, before throwing more explosives into the compound. The people were caught unawares and were shot as they tried to flee. They specifically targeted non-locals (all assumed to be ‘Christians’).

“Among the six dead is a local barber called Cege. Among the injured is one person who hid in the ceiling, but the explosion from the grenades shook him and he fell through the roof and was injured. He is currently in hospital.”

Reports indicated that the attackers planted landmines all around the compound. One exploded when the security officers attempted to access the building.

“There are increased security personnel in town even as tension remains very high. Residents are declining interviews out of fear for their safety and many are locked in their houses,” locals report.

Source: World Watch Monitor

  • Ask the Lord to comfort the grieving; may they know His ministering Spirit bringing strength and provision during this time of loss. Pray for the injured; may they experience the Lord’s healing hand.
  • Pray for the Christian community to rally, support, love, care for and encourage one another. Pray for their protection and for others who may be targets.
  • Pray for the members of al Shabaab whose hearts are filled with hatred and anger. May the Lord show His mercy to them and change their lives forever.



Christians Facing Islamic Extremists: al Shabaab

Christians Facing Islamic Extremists: al Shabaab



Christians around the world are being attacked by Islamic extremists. One of these groups, known as al Shabaab, Arabic for ‘The Youth,’ is a jihadist terror group based in East Africa. In 2014 it was estimated that the militant group had 7,000 to 9,000 members. (Source: Wikipedia)

Al Shabaab describes itself as waging jihad, or “holy war,” against the “enemies of Islam.”
The terrorist group has made no secret of its goal to eliminate Christians.

In April 2015, four members of al Shabaab pounded on the dorm room doors at Garissa University College in Kenya, demanding of each student, “Are you Muslim or Christian?” Muslims were allowed to flee. Christians were shot. By the time the attack ended, 147 Christians lay dead and 79 more were wounded. The siege didn’t end until all four of the gunmen had been killed.

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  • Pray for the creation and distribution of radio broadcasts and other evangelism tools in the Somali language.
  • Pray that isolated Christians will find ways to connect with other members of the body of Christ.
  • Pray that al Shabaab fighters will discover Christ and His love.  May they become dissatisfied with the hatred, violence and bloodshed that currently surrounds their lives.