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LAOS: New Believer Disinherited by Family

LAOS: New Believer Disinherited by Family

When Jai placed his faith in Christ in December 2019, his Hmong family was very unhappy with him. They told him he could have no share in their father’s inheritance, and they divided the property among themselves.

They accused him of taking a foreign religion and of disrespecting their tradition of ancestor worship. “I do not care for lands or houses,” Jai told them, “as long as I can keep my faith.”

In February 2020, when Jai built a new house, his family and a village leader began to threaten him. Hoping to reconcile with his family, Jai invited his pastor to the village to explain the Christian faith to them.

Jai’s family and other villagers listened to the pastor, but they told Jai that as long as he remains a Christian there will always be problems. The pastor told Jai’s family that he would return to talk with them again. “Pray for the pastor to resolve this problem in the future,” a VOM partner wrote.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for Jai’s faithfulness in putting the Lord first in his life. Pray nothing will come from the threats and that the Lord will protect Jai and his property.
  • Pray along with Jai for the salvation of his family members. Pray the Lord will continue to grant Jai and his pastor opportunities to speak to the family. Pray that the Lord will even now be softening their hearts to the Gospel.
  • Thank the Lord for the strong Christian witness in Laos, which continues despite opposition.

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