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1,800 Bibles Land in North Korea

1,800 Bibles Land in North Korea


It is with great excitement that we announce that over 1,800 Bibles have landed securely in North Korea in recent months. From the beginning of May, the weather has been favourable for balloon launches.

Each weather balloon contains 25 Bibles and three USB drives. For each launch, our project officer attaches a GPS locator, enabling us to track the balloons and to see where they have been able to drop the Bibles. We thank God for the safe arrival of the Bibles the balloons have carried into North Korea.

For the 14th year running, North Korea is still at the top of the Open Doors World Watch List and they still severely persecute Christians.

This year Thirteen Three hopes to send 3,600 Bibles into North Korea. In total, our sister organisation in South Korea hopes to send 32,250 Bibles into this restrictive country.

To date, Thirteen Three has raised enough funds to send 1,411 Bibles. Help us reach our target by donating to our Release campaign today!