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CHINA: Xinjiang Woman Imprisoned for Holding Bible Study

CHINA: Xinjiang Woman Imprisoned for Holding Bible Study

A local court in China’s western Xinjiang sentenced a Christian woman to three years in prison for holding a Bible study.

Ma Huichao, who was taken into police custody along with four other Christians when officials claimed their Bible study met without government approval, stood trial in mid-November for “gathering a crowd to disturb public order.”

Her lawyer, Li Dunyong was disallowed to plead innocent on her behalf, and she received a three-year prison sentence—which began on 30 December.

Ma does not plan to appeal.

Source: China Aid

Prayer Points

  • Ask the Lord to strengthen Ma physically, emotionally and spiritually through this ordeal.
  • Pray she may have many opportunities to share the Gospel while in prison and bring glory to the One she is suffering for.
  • Praise God for the faithful witness of Chinese Christians; pray those who belonged to Ma’s Bible study will take every opportunity to meet, to worship the Lord, learn from Scripture and pray for their friend.
The Only Intercessor

The Only Intercessor

Kris kept a little notebook on hand. The Name Notebook. On her trip through several Muslim countries, she met dozens of people. At a salon, Kris took the names of the beauticians she met. From bathroom cleaners to teenagers sitting beside her in a coffee shop, if she got to know them personally, she asked their names and wrote them down in the Name Notebook. Why? To pray for them.

As believers, we have many people praying for us: perhaps Bible study leaders, parents, and friends from church. But most Muslims don’t have that privilege. If you know a Muslim by name, have you ever considered that you may be the only praying Christian in his life? Perhaps no one else but you is bringing him before our Father God, interceding for him in prayer.

If Jesus has made you right with God, you are particularly poised to intercede for Muslims in a powerful and effective way (James 5:16). Petition, prayer, intercession and praise in the name of Jesus draws on the authority of His Name as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Perhaps you don’t know any Muslims personally? Then pray through the Middle East news, naming specific Muslim dignitaries, authors and artists. Or pray through VOM’s newsletter. As you come upon the name of a Muslim persecutor, or someone’s hostile family member, could you find it in your heart to pray for him? First repent of any hatred you might be harboring (Psalm 66:18) and then pray for his salvation.

I heard of a man who walks around a mosque in his city once a week, interceding for the Muslims who worship there. He prays for Jesus to reveal himself in an undeniable way in their lives. Quietly and simply, with no banners or megaphones, he asks the Lord for a harvest of souls among Muslims in his city.

There are many ways to go about praying for Muslims. You might even start a Name Notebook like Kris. However you pray, know a unique privilege is yours: you could be the first believer to truly intercede on that Muslim’s behalf.

“Anna” lives in the Middle East. All names are changed for security reasons.