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Project: Christian Book and Bible Distribution

Project: Christian Book and Bible Distribution

Recently with the help of our supporters we were able to distribute Christian books and Bibles to people from various areas in Mindanao, Philippines.

Our distribution contact reports that 225 copies of the book Tortured for Christ were distributed, along with 225 copies of the book Hearts of fire and 225 Bibles.

Our contact reports that receiving the books was a great encouragement to those from Mindanao, where persecution is ongoing. In this Muslim-majority region there is a long-running conflict between Muslim groups and the government over the Muslims’ desire to form an independent Islamic state. Some areas and even entire islands in this region are extremely dangerous for non-Muslims. In Mindanao, attacks on Christians are sporadic and unpredictable, creating an environment of constant tension for Christians. When conflicts break out, government forces respond. In some areas, the government has ceded control to Islamists, and Christians have no rights.

Please thank the Lord for the successful completion of this project and continue to pray for our faith family in Mindanao.