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The Miraculous Gift of a Bible

Every Sunday morning, the pastor of a small church in a remote part of Cuba took a piece of chalk and purposefully wrote a passage of Scripture on a chalkboard. Church members then carefully wrote the verses in their tattered notebooks, slowly adding to the

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The Courier’s Dilemma

After a long flight, four VOM workers stepped off their plane and approached Chinese customs with a total of 300 Bibles in their luggage. Several years had passed since Mao’s brutal Cultural Revolution had ended in 1976, and the communist country had cautiously opened its

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Sowing the Word of God Despite the Risk

The same cry, loud and clear, remains consistent: “We need more Bibles!” In recent years, India has experienced ever-increasing attacks on it’s Christian minority particularly from Hindu extremists. To make the situation worse, these acts of violence seem to be actively encouraged by India’s local

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India: Risking it all for a Bible

The persecution of Christians in India has risen over the past year, pushing it up in the list of countries where the practice of the Christian faith is a high-risk activity. Hindu fanatics attempt to forcibly convert people to the dominant faith of their nation,

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Is this Holistic Mission?

People need the Gospel, don’t they? More than anything else. We need to share the Good News with the lost and encourage believers with God’s Word. But what about when physical needs are more urgent; when a person needs help to survive before they’re in

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Bibles, We Need More Bibles!

How many Bibles do you own? As I write this I’m counting how many Bibles I have sitting in various locations at home. Without looking hard I know I have multiple copies of the CSV Children’s Bible, the NLT, NIV 1984 and 2011 versions and

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    In 2016 it is our vision to see many young people demonstrate their willingness to raise awareness and support for our persecuted brothers and sisters. On 3 June 2016 it’s Sacrifice24: A day to make a statement that you are Bound With Them

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Why Talk About the Persecuted Church at Youth Group?

Thirteen Three’s aim is to mobilise and empower a generation of passionate youth to be bound with their persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. For this to become a reality it is vital for youth groups to keep the persecuted church on their agenda. I

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