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What Do You Do on Sunday Afternoons?

What Do You Do on Sunday Afternoons?

Earlier this year I met some students at a Bible college in the Philippines. I asked them the question; “What do you do on the weekends?” They looked surprised and turned to each other to see who would be the first to answer my question. Boldly, one of the students said that every Saturday and Sunday afternoon they go out into Muslim villages to share the Gospel.

Living in a hostile environment, the students have learnt the importance of prayer and so prior to setting out, much time has been spent on their knees. Dressed in their Bible college uniforms and wearing their identity cards around their necks, the students are dropped off at pre-selected locations and proceed to knock on the doors of local villagers. They go with one purpose in mind – to share the Gospel.

Through this evangelism program, these students are courageously taking hold of every opportunity to witness Christ to a predominantly Muslim population within their community. Sometimes doors are shut but this does not discourage the students. They keep walking until they come to a door that will open to them. As they break through the many misconceptions about Jesus, in sharing of the Gospel, many Muslims have received the message of salvation.

Often, they are asked to pray for the sick and elderly and, miracles have occurred. In some of the homes they visit, Bible study groups are established, sometimes even a house church has been formed, all because of the bold witness of the Bible college students.

These students have chosen to follow Jesus. They know the way that leads to eternal life and they want to share that message with their neighbours. They want to bring Christ’s light in an otherwise dark place.

Once their witnessing is complete, the girls are transported back to the Bible college, the boys however must travel the 3km on foot.

In Christ,
John Wilson