SYRIA: Bomb Attack on Qamishli Church
  • 18 July 2019

On Thursday 11 July, the Syriac Orthodox church of the Virgin Mary in Qamishli, North-east Syria, was targeted in a car bomb attack. Although there were no known fatalities, state media reported that 11 civilians were injured and that the church and nearby properties sustained material damage. The attack on the church, which is in […]

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Suicide Bomb Attack Changes Delfiana’s Life
  • 12 December 2018

Delfiana wasn’t interested in church and would often complain about going, that is until she was the victim of a suicide bombing attack outside her church building. On 25 September 2011, when Delfiana was just 18 years old she walked outside of her church and was immediately struck down when a suicide bomber detonated a […]

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Nine-year-old Clarissa Survives Church Blast
  • 20 November 2018

Nine-year-old Clarissa Angeline was at church one day in Indonesia when an explosion took place in their church building injuring her and severely injuring her mother who spent three months recovering in hospital. On Sunday 13 May, Clarissa and her mother left for their church service at 6am as they do every week. During the […]

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SYRIA: Christian Village Bombed, 12 Killed
  • 13 September 2018

On 7-8 September, several missiles were reportedly fired by al-Qaeda-linked rebels toward the predominately Christian town of Mhardeh, Syria. Reports indicate that the missiles carried cluster bombs, killing at least 10 civilians and seriously wounding at least 20 others. Two more died later in hospital. Five of the dead were children under 15, three from […]

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I Have Lost Bing Bing!
  • 19 June 2018

Pastor Estefanus relates his story and heartache Pastor Estefanus was not at the main church on that fateful Sunday when the bombs exploded at the Pentekosta Church Central Surabaya (GPPS), as he was preaching at another church in West Surabaya when it happened. “I have known Martha, affectionately known as Bing Bing, for many years […]

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