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ETHIOPIA: Slaughter in Oromia

ETHIOPIA: Slaughter in Oromia

The assassination in Addis Ababa of a popular ethnic Oromo singer has triggered an explosion of ethnic-religious violence. The violence appears organised, designed to destabilise the nation and derail the reforms of Prime Minister Abiy (a Protestant Christian). Commencing at 4am on 30 June, gangs of Oromo nationalists specifically targeted ethnic Amhara Ethiopian Orthodox Christians living in some 40 districts of Oromia region. Victims were clubbed, hacked and stoned to death. The toll to date is 239 dead with some 300 wounded, many critically. Some 3360 Amhara Christians are displaced and sheltering in churches. Along with businesses, 493 homes belonging to Amhara Christians were torched. Some 4700 arrests have been made, including that of Oromo nationalist leader Jawar Mohammed (a fundamentalist Muslim). The situation is explosive.

Source: Christian Faith and Freedom

  • Lord bring peace to Ethiopia, in particular at this time to the Oromia region; may your steadfast love be felt.
  • Pray for comfort to those who are grieving; heal those who are wounded; provide food, water, shelter and medical aid to those who are displaced, and impart wisdom, grace, energy and authority to those who seek to lead according to the will and purpose of the Lord.
  • Father complete the good work in Ethiopia; may all evil plots be thwarted; and may the Lord bless our
    brother Prime Minister Abiy with security, wisdom, insight, discernment and strength, all while keeping him humble.

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