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The Secret Butterflies

The Secret Butterflies

Just over six years ago, we began funding a unique women’s ministry which we called the Butterfly program in Vietnam and the results of this ministry have been overwhelming!

This year in more than 1000 churches throughout northern Vietnam, over 60,000 women have been reached with this program. This incredible achievement has been accomplished through the efforts of a small group of dedicated women.

Due to the simplicity of this Butterfly program, women of all ages and spiritual understanding have comprehended both the spiritual and Biblical principles which in turn, have enabled them to reach their full potential as a child of God.

Through the Butterfly program, discipleship as well as training programs have been established and leaders have emerged. These leaders are now equipped and through them, the ministry continues to spread throughout northern Vietnam.

Butterfly classes
Each class is usually attended by around 50 pastors and leaders, together with their wives. Those present often come from a wide range of churches. The classes are initially very challenging as traditionally, many of these women suffer from a lack of self-worth, however through the Butterfly program they are taught how much God values them.

Our Butterfly principal says “At these classes we see their self-worth begin to grow in the spirit, and their love for God is encouraged in their heart and for the work of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. This encouragement of making them feel they are valuable and can be used by the Lord, sets a course for their life to serve God and their fellow believers.”

The Butterfly program has six levels – each level being more challenging than the previous one but the success of this program is seen through renewed lives. Not only are many women’s lives changed but whole families, whole villages are experiencing this transformation through the power of God’s Word.

Part of the Butterfly program is to prepare disciples with a focus on serving others. There are many villages scattered throughout northern Vietnam and most of the people are very poor farmers. However, it is through the ministry of these women that needs are being met. Reporting back to their local church, practical items such as clothing, rice and other donations are collected and brought back to help the villagers in need. In some instances, churches have even been able to pay hospital fees for poor Christians

Despite the constant threat of persecution toward believers, many women have completed the course and even graduated with ceremonies taking place in six provinces. This Butterfly program has strengthened their faith so much. “The team is so encouraged in hearing these testimonies and seeing the graduation ceremonies evolve,” said the principal of the Butterfly program.

“On behalf of all of the women who have come under the ministry of the Butterfly program we would like to thank all of our financial supporters. Without their support the training would not be able to reap such a harvest as we have mentioned at the beginning of this report. Thank you all. Thank you for your prayers and we pray that God will bless you abundantly and continue using you for the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”