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Project: Christmas Care 2019

Project: Christmas Care 2019

Christmas Care 2019 brought much needed hope to children in Cameroon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Jordan.

More than 300 Christmas Care packs were distributed in Far North, North and Southwest regions of Cameroon. Eighty per cent of children who received the packs had been through the terrors of an attack by Boko Haram and 20% were orphaned as a result.

In Nigeria, over 725 children received Christmas Care packs. Our distribution partner specifically targeted orphaned or impoverished children and teens.

Many of the children were residents of a children’s crisis care home, while others were children of widows or those living in conflict areas.

Each child received a bag containing a Bible, as well as books, pens, pencils and a maths set for school.

Some of the funds also went to providing school fees for children, so they were able to start or return to school, and medical care for students at a local clinic.

Our distribution partner in Pakistan reports that Christmas Care pack distribution came at a good time for brick kiln workers in Lahore. Many were out of work as heavy smog in Lahore and surrounding areas meant that the government had ordered the brick kilns to shut down until further notice. As brick kiln workers are only paid for the number of bricks made in a day, they were not receiving an income.

The children received jumpers, dried fruit, biscuits, lollies, Christian story books, colouring pencils and colouring books. While their families also received a bag of flour, sugar, ghee/cooking oil, tea bags, noodles, rice, lentils and a Bible.

Families, especially the children, were overjoyed with receiving gifts and food for Christmas.

In Jordan, Christmas Care brought joy to children who escaped Iraq, with their families, due to persecution.

Our distribution partner reports that they were able to distribute more than 200 Christmas Care packs to Iraqi Christian refugee families in Jordan. Each pack contained a children’s Bible, school supplies and food items.

Our Christmas Care project will resume in October 2020, bringing joy to the most vulnerable victims of persecution.

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CAMEROON: Bible Translator Butchered to Death, Wife Maimed

CAMEROON: Bible Translator Butchered to Death, Wife Maimed

A Bible translator in Cameroon has been killed in a brutal machete attack. Angus Abraham Fung was among seven people who were murdered when Islamic Fulani herdsmen stormed the Northern Province town of Wum.

Efi Tembon, who leads a ministry in the region called, “Oasis Network for Community Transformation,” said that the assault was sudden and horrifically brutal.

“They went into houses and pulled out the people,” Tembon said. “They attacked in the night and nobody was expecting. They just went into the home, pulled them out and slaughtered them.”

Reports indicate that Fung’s wife was also gravely injured in the attack, with the militants completely severing her arm with their machetes.

Fung was in his 60s and served for years with the Aghem Bible translation project in Cameroon, working on a New Testament translation in the Aghem language, which was completed in 2016.

“He was one of the key community leaders in the whole tribe and he was part of the translation services and also coordinated literacy efforts,” Tembon explained. “So, he was a huge part of the literacy work because their language had never been written before. So, he was the one coordinating it and teaching the language. So many people now can read and write the language as a result of Angus’ work.”

Although the New Testament translation in the Aghem language was completed and over 3,000 copies have been published, Tembon said that distribution has not happened because of the war in the region.

Sources: The Christian Post, CBN News

  • Ask the Lord to uphold Fung’s wife during her time of grief and great suffering. Pray she will be provided with appropriate medical care.
  • Thank the Lord for Fung’s valuable legacy and pray God’s word will go forth to strengthen the local church and spread the Gospel.
  • Pray the Lord will intervene to prevent further violence and that the Christian community will live out Jesus’ example to love their enemies.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

CAMEROON: Boko Haram Displaces Thousands

CAMEROON: Boko Haram Displaces Thousands

Boko Haram has been wreaking havoc and destruction across northern Nigeria and the Lake Chad regions of Cameroon, Chad, and Niger for over a decade. Earlier this month, the terrorist group again attacked a group of villages in northern Cameroon, displacing as many as 1,100 Christian families. This attack took place on 10 July in Roum village, a small Christian village in rural Cameroon. There were also other attacks in other small villages on 5 and 11 July.

Reports claim that the group burned down most of the villages, destroyed food stores, and either killed or stole all the livestock. The families who were able to flee with their lives are now struggling with hunger, thirst and lack of shelter.

These attacks have come at a particularly bad time, as the food from the last harvest is almost gone. The next harvest will be at the end of the rainy season, late September or early October. This causes issues for the military and security forces, it makes it harder for them to travel quickly or patrol easily. This means that attacks by groups like Boko Haram become easier and more frequent

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Ask the Lord to provide provision and protection to those who have suffered great loss.
  • Pray the Lord would lead the authorities in wisdom, to help them aid those who have been affected and prevent further attacks.
  • Pray God will frustrate the plans of those intent on violence. Ask the Lord to have mercy on them and bring them to repentance and salvation.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

CAMEROON: Eight Children Killed, Six Kidnapped

CAMEROON: Eight Children Killed, Six Kidnapped

After a period of relative calm, the Far North region of Cameroon, along the Nigerian border, has witnessed an upsurge of attacks by Boko Haram.

On 17 August, a church elder was killed in a night raid carried out by the radical Islamist group on Moskota village. Adamu Nguda, formerly a church elder in Mouldougwa, was displaced to live as an internally displaced person (IDP) to Moskota. His killers also kidnapped his six children ─ between the ages of three and 15. His wife was left behind in a state of total shock.

In a separate attack the same day, attackers also burned the house of Lazare Mahama, another Christian. They stole his wallet containing money and ID documents. The attackers also burned an undetermined number of properties.

Earlier on 6 August, eight children were killed in a suicide attack in Amchide. The suicide bomber, a young child, met the children while they played outside in the evening ─ then detonated his bombs. According to a local church leader, all eight children had attended Sunday school of the Union of Evangelical Churches (UEEC) in Amchide.

The recent attacks have reignited fear in local Christians; some have begun to flee their homes.

Eighty-three children have been used as bombers since 1 January, according to UNICEF: 55 girls, mostly under 15 years old, and 27 boys. One was a baby strapped to a girl. Nineteen children were used in 2016.

Source: World Watch Monitor

  • Ask the Lord to intervene to release the victims and return them to their families. Pray the reign of violence will end.
  • Ask for the Lord’s protection to be on people throughout Cameroon and Nigeria.
  • Pray the Lord will dramatically be at work, permanently changing the hearts of Boko Haram members.