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MIDDLE EAST: “Thousands Coming to Christ!”

An encouraging message from Arabic broadcasters in the Middle East…. Despite the mass exodus of many Christians, the church is far from empty in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and other parts of the Middle East. God has been very faithful. There are strong Christian believers remaining,

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EGYPT: Four Arrests for Copt Cathedral Bombing

Egyptian police have arrested four people in the wake of the bombing that killed dozens of Christians at Cairo’s Coptic Christian cathedral last month, the Interior Ministry said. The death toll from the bombing at a chapel next to St Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo has

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SYRIA: Pray for Christians in Aleppo, City Ravaged by War

Christians in Aleppo are asking for prayers for their city, which has been destroyed by the civil war. A VOM contact reports, “Currently, it is a ghost city, no life and complete destruction. Pray this city will have life again and the church will play

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Evangelism: Feeling Like a Project

Tears misted Basma’s eyes as she touched my arms and looked at me. “Beautiful. You are beautiful.” It was the look a proud mother would give her daughter. Basma had been a mother to me in many ways. She had taken me in as a

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Where The Front Line Begins

When it comes to sharing the Gospel in hostile and restricted nations, front line workers must use wisdom and creativity. In Laos, travelling evangelists distribute VOM-provided radios to people in remote villages so they can listen to Christian broadcasts from a neighbouring country — and

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EGYPT: Mob Destroys Christian Properties

On 25 November, a mob of enraged Muslim radicals attacked Coptic properties and homes in Manshiet El-Naghamish village, located in the Sohag Governorate of Egypt. The attack was incited when rumours of a church being constructed spread among the community’s Muslim population.  More than 2,000

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NIGERIA: Over 45 Killed by Fulani Herdsmen Militia

On Sunday 13 November Fulani militants, reportedly numbering 200, attacked four villages in the Kauru local area of Nigeria’s Kaduna State. Forty-five predominantly Christian villagers were murdered, including men, women, and children, some of whom were burnt beyond recognition. Approximately 100 houses and other properties,

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“Suffering is not a new truth, it is an old truth.” — Sarah Liu, imprisoned and tortured for her Christian witness.  This Sunday, 13 November 2016 is the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church. Christians from around the globe will set aside time

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PAKISTAN: Blasphemy Charges Dropped Against Child

Blasphemy charges have been dropped against a young Christian boy in Quetta, Pakistan. The boy and his mother were both accused of burning pages of the Koran, an incident that allegedly took place on 20 October. While the child and his mother remained behind bars,

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IRAQ: The Cross Returns to The Nineveh Plain

There were tears, praying and singing as the cross ─ deemed illegal by ISIS – returned to the Christian villages in Iraq’s Nineveh Plain. News continues to emerge of villages being reclaimed from ISIS, and signs of destruction become apparent. As soon as it was

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Sharing Jesus among the Fulani

Despite being threatened with death and disowned by family members, he was determined to share the Gospel with Fulani Muslims. And David Weeti’s determination hasn’t wavered.  The day after David Weeti’s cousin burned David’s Bible and kicked him out of the house, 20 young men

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It is scary, but I know Jesus is with me

Joshua is a Bible college student in the Philippines, where Muslim extremist groups are trying to take over the land owned by Christians and claim it to be an Islamic state. Watch as Joshua describes what it is like to live in this dangerous area

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Ethiopia: Nothing’s Going to Stop Them

In the past 30 years, evangelical Christians in Ethiopia have grown from 1% of the population to more than 20%. Allan Sherer, the Horn of Africa Director for Front Line Mission, calls that church growth “one of the great Gospel stories of our generation.” That

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IRAN: Christians Due to Appear in Court

Four Christians belonging to the self-styled ‘Church of Iran’ network are due to appear in Rasht Revolutionary Court on 15 October charged with “actions against national security”. On 13 May security agents raided the home of Yousef Nadarkhani, a church leader who attracted international attention

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NIGERIA: Eight Killed as Terrorists Seize Chibok villages

Please pray for our Christian family in Chibok in northern Nigeria after Islamist extremists Boko Haram struck again. The terrorists took over three villages near Chibok town in Borno state last Monday. At least eight people, including a village elder, were reported to have been

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NORTH AFRICA: Captain on Trial for Murder

A boat captain faces a prison sentence of up to 90 years after being charged in Spain with the murder of six Christian migrants by allegedly throwing them overboard. According to the indictment against him, the captain and a colleague attacked the six Nigerian Christians

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PAKISTAN: Father of Kidnapped Girl Shot

Gulzar Masih, the father of a deaf and dumb girl who was kidnapped from her home in Sialkot, Punjab, is in a critical condition after being shot by his daughter’s kidnapper, Ghulam Hussain. Gulzar’s daughter, Asima, was kidnapped five months ago by the family’s neighbour

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PAKISTAN: Asia Bibi’s Appeal to be Heard in October

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy against Islam, will fight for her freedom in court in October. Bibi was convicted of blasphemy in 2010 after Muslim women told a cleric in a village in the eastern Punjab province that she

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SYRIA: Churches Serve as Enemies Threaten

President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, has said about the Battle for Aleppo: “This is beyond doubt one of the most devastating urban conflicts in modern times.” Around 250,000 people remain trapped in Aleppo’s rebel-held east. Russian Defense Minister Sergei

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SUDAN: Seven Charges Against Two Detained Pastors

After eight months of legal limbo, Sudan has finally accused two pastors of at least seven crimes, some punishable by death if proven. Hassan Abduraheem Taour and Kuwa Shamal, both pastors of the Sudan Church of Christ, “are accused of complicity to execute a criminal

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