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Iran: Cross Removed from Recognised Church

Iranian Intelligence agents, along with EIKO (Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order) officials directly under the control of the Supreme Leader, raided an Assyrian Presbyterian Church in the north-western city of Tabriz on 9 May. The agents changed the locks, tore down the cross, and ordered

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UKRAINE: Ban on Church Meetings

Many churches in eastern Ukraine have stopped meeting after Russian-backed rebels ordered a ban on services. Rebel leaders in the self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic, seized from Ukraine in 2014, have declared all unregistered religious groups illegal. Protestant, Seventh Day Adventist and Pentecostal churches have all

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ALGERIA: Authorities Shut Down Church Again

Christians in Algeria request prayer for a congregation in the Kayblie region, which faces ongoing pressure from the authorities. After officials sealed the church building in October, the congregation continued to meet for worship in a tent erected in the church yard. On 28 January,

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CHINA: Church Declared Illegal

Officials in China’s south-western Sichuan province raided Fountain of Life Church on Thursday 10 January, declaring that it is illegal and triggering fears that it might be closed down. The church was holding a Bible study when law enforcement authorities and personnel from the Chengdu’s

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NEPAL: High Caste Hindus Force Church to Close

Using threats and social pressure, high caste Hindus, including local Brahmins, forced a newly planted church in the Palpa District of Nepal to shut down. According to members of the Pakhluwa Eternal Life Church, they are now forced to worship in secret or face further

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CHINA: Another prominent house church shut down

On 14 October police closed a church which had been established for decades in southern China, Guangzhou. Its founder, Samuel Lamb, was imprisoned for over 20 years for his faith. Chinese Protestant pastor, Samuel Lamb, initially set up the church in his house in Da

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ALGERIA: Another Church Closed by the Authorities

Algerian police shut the doors of another church, it was sealed by authorities on 16 October. The congregation is in Azaghar, a village near Akbou, about 180km south-east of Algiers. It has about 300 members and has been active for more than five years. It

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Church Closures and Arrests Continue In Wa Region, Myanmar

Christians in the Wa Special Region of Myanmar have long endured persecution but the situation has worsened with church leaders and students recently arrested and over 50 churches closed. The WA region is one of the most “secretive places on earth” according to the BBC.

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UGANDA: Church Closes After Repeated Attacks

A church outside of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, closed in early August after months of harassment by local Muslims. The final blow came on 4 August when a stone was thrown through a window, striking Pastor Moreen Sanyu of the Greater Love Church in

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INDIA: Christians told “we’ll close one church every week”

Christian villagers in a rural district of India’s Maharashtra state have been told that one church will be closed down every week because they have been “destroying” local tradition and culture by “luring” others to convert to Christianity. Since June, over a dozen houses belonging

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KYRGYZSTAN: Church of Muslim Converts Told to Close

A church in Kyrgyzstan that is home to many former Muslims has been ordered to cease its Sunday worship. A local source told World Watch Monitor that services at the church, which is led by a convert from Islam, have been interrupted twice in the

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CHINA: Underground and Official Churches Targeted

As of the end of May, almost 100 house churches in the central Chinese province of Henan have been shut down. Along with those closures, authorities have taken action against the official Three-Self Patriot Movement churches, demanding that all crosses be removed from their buildings.

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ALGERIA: Two More Protestant Churches Closed Down

The authorities in Algeria have closed down two more Protestant churches, amidst growing pressure on the country’s Christian minority. Over the past weekend, police sealed off two churches in the north-eastern province of Kabylie, where much of the growth in the church is happening. One

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ALGERIA: Churches Closed as Repression Escalates

Algeria’s Presidential Decree of March 2006 made any form of witness to Muslims a criminal offence. Amendments to the law in June 2007 mandated that Christian activities could only take place within government-approved associations and structures. The repressive measures are the efforts of a regime

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ALGERIA: Church Closed

A church in Algeria’s north-western town of Aïn Turk (15km from Oran city) has been closed down by local authorities. Affiliated to the Protestant Church of Algeria (known as EPA), the church was sealed off by police on 9 November. Authorities in Oran claimed the

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