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INDIA: Pastor Faces Charges After Being Beaten

INDIA: Pastor Faces Charges After Being Beaten

A pastor and his family are facing police charges after Hindu militants beat them. Eight assailants, including a police officer, entered the family home in Parihara, Jharkhand in the early morning of 12 November. Others joined in, beating members of the family with an axe, bamboo rods and wooden sticks.

Pastor Basant Kumar Paul, who was left unconscious, suffered serious injuries all over his body. Both his mother and brother sustained head injuries, and his wife suffered internal injuries. In addition, the couple’s 20-year-old son required a knee transplant.

After regaining consciousness from the beating, Pastor Paul managed to transport the injured members of his family to the police station by using his motorised three-wheeler. Police sent them to the hospital.

When the pastor returned to the station to file a complaint, he collapsed at the police station door. Despite the severity of their injuries, all family members were released from hospital the next day.

A few days later, Pastor Paul was summoned to the police station where he discovered a complaint had been filed against him and seven members of his family, 20 minutes before his own complaint was registered.

The complaint filed against the Christian family includes unlawful assembly, insulting a religion, theft, wrongful restraint, and rioting with a deadly weapon. The pastor was forced to pay bail or face arrest.

Pastor Paul has led a small church in the community since 2010. This is not the first incident of violence he has encountered. He was nearly killed in a previous attack in 2015.

Sources: Morning Star News, AsiaNews

  • Pray for the complete physical healing of Pastor Paul’s injured family and for their emotional recovery.
  • Ask that the truth of the case be revealed and that justice will be upheld on behalf of these victimised Christians.
  • Ask God to convict all those whose hearts are filled with hatred towards this family, to repent of their actions and turn to Christ.

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