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ISRAEL: Pray for a Bible Book Store in Tel Aviv

ISRAEL: Pray for a Bible Book Store in Tel Aviv

A book store in Tel Aviv owned and operated by the Bible Society of Israel is currently on trial, accused by the property owner of conducting missionary activities and violating its rental agreement.

The book store, which has rented the same property since 1961, is the only store selling Bibles in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

A court decision is expected to be issued in the next few weeks.

Sources: The Voice of the Martyrs USA, Middle East Concern

  • Pray that the judge will arrive at a just decision and that the book store will be able to continue its ministry.
  • Pray the Lord will uphold the owners and staff during this time of uncertainty; may they receive much support.
  • Pray the Gospel may become known and that God will be glorified through this trial.


PAKISTAN: Prayer needed for Final Appeal

PAKISTAN: Prayer needed for Final Appeal

Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death for allegedly committing blasphemy, will have her final appeal heard today.

The hearing before the Supreme Court of Islamabad is the third and final stage of a trial that began in 2009, with the woman’s death sentence upheld in 2014 following an initial appeal.

Islamic radical groups have organised protest demonstrations in Islamabad’s streets and outside the Supreme Court building.

According to Joseph Nadeem, who is assisting Asia Bibi’s family and is in charge of Lahore’s Renaissance Education Foundation, where Asia Bibi’s daughters are studying, “Asia is well, her morale is high. She is full of hope. She prays constantly and is very strong-spirited despite the long ordeal she has been through.”

The blasphemy accusation against Bibi is based on flimsy evidence from a dispute that took place in June 2009 between Bibi and a group of Muslim women with whom she had been harvesting berries in Sheikhupura. The Muslim women became angry with Bibi when she, a Christian whom they considered unclean, drank water from the same water bowl as the Muslim women. An argument between Bibi and the Muslim women ensued and later the Muslim women reported to a local cleric that Bibi had blasphemed against Islam.

Sources: International Christian Concern, La Stampa

  • Thank the Lord for Asia’s strong faith in Him and His purposes; pray she will continue to trust completely in him. Pray for a fair hearing and favourable outcome.
  • Pray this case may continue to be used by the Lord to highlight the injustice of the blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Pray Asia’s testimony may be a witness to the Lord.
  • The lives of Asia, her family members and her legal representatives are threatened; pray no harm will come to them.



Final Appeal for Death Row Christian

Final Appeal for Death Row Christian

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has been on death row since 2010 simply for telling her co-workers about Jesus. For that she was accused and convicted under Pakistan’s widely misused blasphemy laws.

Her final appeal to the country’s Supreme Court is due next week.

If her death sentence is upheld by the court then her only hope would be a presidential pardon.

Asia, a wife and mother, is not alone in having suffered under these laws. Minorities such as Christians are often the target of accusations, sometimes made just to settle personal scores.

Source: Release International