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Project: Wurin Alheri Children’s Crisis Care

Project: Wurin Alheri Children’s Crisis Care

Voice of the Martyrs, with the help of our supporters, has been able to help fund a children’s crisis care centre in Wurin Alheri, Nigeria.

The centre provides education (Christian, academic and vocational), medical care and a loving and nurturing Christian environment for children and youth orphaned and/or displaced through Boko Haram terrorism, ethnic/religion conflict and other tragic circumstances. The children and youth receive training, equipping them to eventually return to extended families to rebuild their home regions and Christian communities.

Of the 170+ children and youth at Wurin Alheri, 100 of them come from Christian families in areas devastated by Boko Haram terrorism, losing fathers and siblings in attacks or subsequent poverty, from malnutrition and disease. Christians were specifically targeted in these attacks. Others among our children lost fathers in Fulani attacks, others in religious riots and conflict ongoing in the region since 2004. Their mothers, living by subsistence farming, cannot afford school fees or medical care for the children. Others are youth who responded to the Gospel from Islamic or pagan backgrounds, forced to flee their homes and families because their lives were threatened. We have some girls from Islamic and pagan villages fleeing child marriage. Twenty-one are children of missionaries working in remote Islamic regions where schools, if existing, are Islamic religious schools.

The children are displaying excellent growth in faith and character. School results overall are very good, especially considering that many arrived as teens but illiterate.

Families are very appreciative of the help. Their home situations are still bad. Most schools, clinics, churches and businesses in the region devastated by Boko Haram are still unrepaired, so that recovery of families from crisis is very slow and painful. That their children return with basic literacy, strong in faith and character, sound in mind and body, is a good outcome for them.

Wurin Alheri Crisis Home will continue through 2019, helping families in crisis to care for and educate their children, with an increased focus on teens and youth. The environment, with pastorally trained mentors, vocational education, a computer centre and a new clinic onsite is highly conducive to helping teens whose lives have been shaped by conflict.

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